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Adoption Options Consulting, LLC

Adoption Options Consulting

Can Help Families:

Learn . . . 

Is adoption the right plan for you and your family? Is this the right time in your life? 

Form A Plan

We provide assistance with formulating an adoption plan that is customized specifically for you.

Choose an Agency
How does one interview child placing (adoption) agencies? Do you even need one?  

We can give you unbiased guidance, advice, and assistance in making your selection.

Become Educated
Information is essential in order to understand the steps to adoption, the homestudy process,

your outreach options, levels of openness, and much more. However, too much information is just

confusing and overwhelming. We're here to help you make sense of it all.

Get Needed Support
Learn how to cope with the Home Study process, how to contact (and really connect with) workers, 

and how to handle difficult or touchy questions throughout the process.  

We are your advocate, liaison, and coach.

Design a Stellar Family Profile 
We can guide you in preparing your Family’s Profile (letter, book, or web page). 

NOTE: Birth parents (for infant adoptions) and social workers (for older child adoptions) will be

given this profile and will use it to help decide whether you should be the family 

to raise their child – so it is vitally important that you give the best impression possible.  

​Assess Risk
We can help you to evaluate the benefits and risks of each placement referred to you. 

Without an opinion or agenda, we help you to assess the pros and cons of each unique situation.

Prepare for the Human Element
Learn how to approach agencies, how to talk with birth parents and their families (if applicable),

and how to educate your own friends and family members.

& . . .

Build Confidence 
You will want to feel confident and prepared for discussions with agencies, social workers,

birth parents, and with your own family members and friends. 

This is what an Adoption Consultant can do for /with you!